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LemVega Submits Application for an International U.S. Bank License: Awaiting Launch of Their Global Bank

LemVega reaches a new pinnacle in global finance, applying for an International U.S. Bank License to launch a comprehensive suite of financial services.

"Our International Bank will set a new standard for what global clients can expect from a U.S. bank operating internationally— bridging the gap between traditional finance and next-gen innovation.”

— Caroline Lembck, CEO of LemVega Capital

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, April 25, 2024 / -- LemVega Capital®has reached a pivotal milestone by applying for an International U.S. Bank License to launch their International Bank. This landmark initiative is poised to offer a suite of comprehensive financial services globally, including deposit acceptance, loan and credit provision, investment management, and trust and custodial services, pending regulatory approval.

The International Bank, under the auspices of LemVega Capital, is set to disrupt the traditional banking landscape, offering an array of services that cater to an international clientele. With this strategic move, the International Bank is solidifying its role as a dynamic powerhouse in the realm of global finance, leveraging the unique advantages of Puerto Rico’s financial laws and U.S. banking regulations.

Strategic Benefits of the International U.S. Bank License:

LemVega’s pursuit of this license is a cornerstone in its strategy to enhance its financial offerings under the stringent regulatory oversight of the U.S., ensuring the highest standards of compliance and security for its clients. With the granting of the International U.S. Bank License, LemVega anticipates offering:

• Global Banking Solutions: We will offer sophisticated global banking solutions, including multicurrency accounts, seamless international wire transfers, and extensive foreign exchange services, ensuring our clients can navigate the global economy with ease and efficiency.

• Investment and Asset Management: Through LemVega Capital, our investment management company, we provide bespoke investment strategies, private fund vehicles, and asset management services. Catering to high-net-worth individuals and institutional clients, we deploy a nuanced understanding of market dynamics to manage and grow wealth effectively.

• Broker-Dealer Services: LemVega Securities will stand as our dedicated broker-dealer, facilitating a wide range of securities transactions. This entity enables us to offer comprehensive trading solutions, equity, and debt instruments trading, thereby broadening our service offerings and enhancing our market participation.

• Trade Financing and Fiduciary Services: New innovative solutions in trade financing, including letters of credit and export financing, support international trade endeavors. Moreover, we will offer fiduciary and trust services, ranging from estate planning to trust management and custodial services, provide our clients with security and peace of mind.

• Comprehensive Financial Activities: The International Bank, pending authorization, will engage in a spectrum of financial activities, crucial for a globally integrated service model. This includes deposit services for foreign entities and individuals, loan and credit services across international markets, and sophisticated investment activities in securities, currencies, and precious metals. Each service is crafted to ensure compliance with both local and international financial regulations, maintaining transparency and integrity at every level of operation.

Strategic Advantages in Puerto Rico

LemVega’s strategic establishment of the International Bank in Puerto Rico provides a competitive edge through:

With the global financial landscape continually evolving, The International Bank seizes the opportunity to fill a niche in providing specialized international financial services. Puerto Rico's strategic geographic location, combined with Act No. 273-2012's regulatory advantages, positions The International Bank as a pivotal entity in bridging the financial needs of the Americas and beyond.

• Tax Incentives: Puerto Rico offers compelling tax incentives under Acts 20 and 22 (now part of Act 60-2019, LemVega Capital LLC decree as of 2021), designed to attract businesses and investors. Companies like LemVega can benefit from low income tax rates, 100% tax exemption on dividends, and interest nearly 4% fixed income tax rates on export services. This fiscal climate enables LemVega to optimize its financial structure, enhance profitability, and reinvest in growth and innovation.

• Innovation and Growth Ecosystem: The government’s focus on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship has led to the development of a vibrant ecosystem supporting startups and established companies. LemVega’s presence in Puerto Rico places it at the heart of this ecosystem, offering opportunities for partnerships, talent acquisition, and access to innovative projects.

Leadership That Inspires Growth:

Under the leadership of Caroline Farah Lembck, CEO of LemVega Capital, their International Bank is guided by a vision to combine robust regulatory compliance with operational excellence. Lembck’s strategic foresight and financial acumen ensure that the International Bank is well-positioned to become a leader in the international banking sector. The firm is dedicated to client success and remains steadfast in its pursuit of innovation and ethical growth in the financial industry.

Our executive team’s proven expertise in global finance, business, and technology sectors drives our growth and commitment to excellence. With hands-on experience from leading Fortune 500 companies to innovative startups, our leadership ensures that we remain at the forefront of financial innovation.

About LemVega Capital:

LemVega Capital is a visionary investment management firm committed to excellence and innovation in the financial industry. Based in Puerto Rico, a vibrant hub of financial growth, LemVega Capital is at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge financial services and investment opportunities that span the globe. The firm’s pursuit of the International U.S. Bank License is a testament to its dedication to growth, innovation, and client satisfaction.

Caroline Farah Lembck, CEO and Founder LemVega Capital®LemVega Securities, LemVega™ International Bank,+1 484-787-3004

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Caroline Farah Lembck, MBA, PhD (abd)Caroline Farah Lembck, MBA, PhD (abd)

CEO of LemVega Capital®, launching an International Bank/Broker-Dealer | Expert in Investment Management, Strategy, & Specialized Funds. 🚀HQ in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 0% Tax — Become A Partner with Our Firm (link below)CEO of LemVega Capital®, launching an International Bank/Broker-Dealer | Expert in Investment Management, Strategy, & Specialized Funds. 🚀HQ in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 0% Tax — Become A Partner with Our Firm (link below)

Today marks not just a milestone for LemVega Capital® but a personal milestone for me. Starting from my early college days at 16, through earning an MBA and a PhD while juggling significant full-time corporate roles, each step has been crucial in building towards this moment. I am thrilled to announce that we have officially submitted our 486-page application for an International U.S. Banking (IFE) License.

This journey has been anything but straightforward. It's been a relentless pursuit filled with challenges and learning, from launching our first hedge fund to expanding our suite of financial services. Each phase has been driven by a commitment to innovate and integrate the stability of traditional finance with the potential of modern technology. Now, we are embarking on perhaps our most exciting chapter yet: establishing an International Bank that embodies all we stand for at LemVega Capital.

We are just beginning. The submission of this application is a crucial step, but it is the foundation for what comes next. We await the regulatory decision with optimism and are preparing to roll out a range of services designed to redefine international banking. This venture is more than a business development; it's a passion project a decade in the making.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and believed in this vision. Your faith in us propels us forward. As we look to the future, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey, continuing to challenge the norms and push the boundaries of what is possible in global finance.

Stay tuned for more updates as we navigate this new chapter together—it promises to be transformative. hashtag#GlobalBanking hashtag#Innovation hashtag#LemVegaCapital hashtag#FinancialInstitution LemVega SecuritiesLemVega™ International Bank


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