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Managing Partners

Managing Partners and Fund Managers

LemVega Capital Fund Management

LemVega Capital currently oversees the management of six funds, boasting a total Assets Under Management (AUM) in the eight figures. The firm's strategic approach involves collaborating with US-based fund managers, facilitating the launch, and supporting the scaling of their funds with a specific focus on operations based in Puerto Rico. This synergistic partnership underscores LemVega Capital's commitment to fostering growth, diversification, and innovation within the financial landscape, creating a mutually beneficial environment for fund managers and investors alike.

The LemVega Algorithmic Fund specializes in algorithmic trading of currencies and commodities, with a targeted quarterly return of 5%-10%. Utilizing systematic and data-driven strategies, the fund employs algorithms to analyze market conditions, identify trends, and execute trades. Led by a team of experienced professionals in algorithmic trading and finance, the fund emphasizes consistent performance and risk management. Leveraging a technology-driven approach, it collaborates with top-tier service providers for efficient trade execution. The fund aims to deliver solid returns while effectively navigating the dynamic landscape of foreign exchange and commodities markets.

LemVega Algorithimic HFT Fund

The LemVega SaaS Innovation Fund, led by founder Guyan Liu, focuses on investing in software companies benefiting from AI adoption. Liu, with over 15 years of experience in equity investing and a background in computer science, uses a technology-driven approach for in-depth product analysis. The fund selects 5-10 core positions, sized at 5-15% of the portfolio, based on criteria such as total addressable market, product differentiation, financial metrics, and competitor dynamics. Liu's unique skill set, including a CFA charter and experience in prestigious family offices, positions him to evaluate both public and private software investment opportunities. The fund collaborates with top-tier service providers for prime brokerage, custody, and administration. SaaS Innovation has received recognition for its performance, including awards such as HFJ's Tomorrow's Titan 2022 and top 3-year Sharpe Ratio by BarclayHedge in 2020 and 2022 Long Term Performance by Investor’s Choice.

LemVega SAAS Innovation Fund

The LemVega Biotech Venture Fund, part of LemVega Capital Fund III, focuses on investing in innovative biotechnology start-ups contributing to breakthroughs in human health and planetary well-being. Their investment strategies span bioremediation, bio-engineering, cell and gene therapy, longevity, novel scientific advancements, plant and psychedelic-based therapeutics, and rare diseases. Operating at the pre-seed to seed stage, the fund aims to be the first check for portfolio companies, offering $1M-$3M for a 20% stake in equity. With a team of nine experienced advisors in biotechnology and life sciences, the fund has a global network of Venture Partners strategically located worldwide. Portfolio companies undergo an accelerator program in Puerto Rico, supported by the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO), with the goal of establishing a Co-Lab Space on the island for research, operations, and manufacturing expansion, adhering to FDA regulations as part of the US.

LemVega Biotech Venture Fund

The LemVega Masterpiece Securitized Asset Fund: Collectibles Fund IV proposes a hedge fund structure focused on fine wine, fine art, and rare collectibles. The investment vehicle aims to capitalize on potential returns and diversification benefits offered by these alternative asset classes. The fund's structure combines short- and long-term hold strategies, with diversified portfolios for fine art, fine wine, and collectibles. The target market includes accredited investors, athletes, and family offices globally.

LemVega Masterpiece Securitized Asset Fund

The LemVega Iron Key Crypto Fund employs an actively managed, multi-strategy approach to acquire bitcoins, applying a traditional venture capital investment model to liquid digital assets with a 2-5 year time horizon. The fund combines systematic trading techniques with venture-style research, focusing on promising infrastructure projects within selected blockchain ecosystem sectors. With a dynamic landscape requiring active portfolio management, the fund employs four core strategies, including systematic trading, long/short futures risk management, liquid venture investments, and passive income/staking opportunities. Emphasizing real-world blockchain use cases and utility-driven digital assets, the fund considers international regulatory compliance in its investment decisions. Operating with venture capital economics and public market liquidity, the fund provides quarterly redemptions, maintains liquidity, and has the ability to exit positions early based on team progress. Fund holdings include blue-chip cryptos, assets solving real problems post-ICO, and a reserve currency in ETH and interest-bearing stable coins. The fund's strategy involves cutting losers fast, systematically taking profits, and gradually reducing the number of positions over time. The ultimate goal is to hold web3 equivalents of major tech companies, with industry verticals including 5G/IoT/AI/ML/big data, web3 infrastructure, and NFT infrastructure.

LemVega Iron Key Crypto Fund

The LemVega Capital Momentum Fund with Long-Short Equities and Derivatives employs a strategy based on technical analysis, specifically focusing on momentum, price action, volume, and trend analysis. The fund aims to capitalize on market trends and fluctuations by taking both long and short positions in equities and derivatives. Utilizing a systematic approach, the fund identifies assets with strong momentum, favorable price actions, significant trading volumes, and clear trend patterns. This technical analysis-driven strategy allows the fund to make informed decisions, taking advantage of market opportunities and managing risk effectively. The combination of long and short positions enables the fund to navigate various market conditions and potentially generate returns across different asset classes. The emphasis on technical indicators reflects the fund's commitment to leveraging quantitative analysis for strategic investment decisions.

LemVega Momentum


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