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🌴 Launch Your Fund in Puerto Rico (USA) with LemVega Capital!

Join us at  and leverage our robust tax infrastructure to launch your fund with a 0% tax rate. Whether you’re starting a new fund or stepping in as a General Partner, we provide a compliant and strategic pathway to growth in the finance sector.

🚀 Fund Launching & Partnering Opportunities:

 • Minimum Entry: $50K to partner, $1M to join as a GP to an existing fund, or $5M to launch a new one.

 • Fund Ranges: Launch a new fund targeting $5M-$50M AUM.

 • Current Strength: Managing $130M+ in assets across 10 active funds.

 • SEC/FINRA Compliance: Ensuring adherence to legal standards and regulatory requirements.

 • Comprehensive Support: From legal compliance and operations to executive management and marketing.

 • Strategic Expansion: Newly applied to become an international US Bank.

📈 Why Puerto Rico?

 • Enjoy unparalleled tax benefits and a supportive environment for financial services.

Interested in making a global impact with zero tax implications? Connect with us today and find out how you can be part of this transformative journey.

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