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Caroline Lembck, one of the youngest to graduate from high school.

Updated: Mar 28

Caroline was always a high achiever. She graduated from high school at the age of 16, and completed her bachelors degree by the time she was 19. After working for a few years in a stable job, getting her MBA, and beginning her doctorate, she decided that a 9-5 wasn't for her. She wanted to be her own boss, and have control over her own future. So Caroline quit her job and started building her own finance company.

Within finance and venture capital, Caroline is quickly making a name for herself. Her company is one of the leading providers of investment management and capital

funding to small businesses. And she's only just getting started. Caroline wasn't content with just having a successful career; she wanted to create a company with a vision for the future, something truly groundbreaking. She was confident in her abilities and knew that she could make a real difference in the world. Caroline was an entrepreneur through and through, and there was no stopping her now.




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